EP81: David Fischer, Chief Revenue Officer, Facebook

David Fischer, Chief Revenue Officer at Facebook, is a long-time friend of Advertising Week. In this episode of Great Minds, David reflects on his time working at the U.S. Treasury Department, his tenure at both Google and Facebook, his work as Board Chair at the Ad Council, as well as looking ahead to what’s next.

EP79: Karen Kaplan, Chairman & CEO at Hill Holliday

From her time as a receptionist at Hill Holliday to her current position as Chairman and CEO, Karen Kaplan discusses the challenges, rewards, and successes she’s seen throughout her tenure there, including Hill Holliday’s recent initiatives to promote equality in the workplace and her favorite campaigns.

EP78: Marshall Chess, Record Producer (Part 2 of 2)

Marshall Chess is one of the last great record men and is an American icon. In Part Two of this special two-part episode of Great Minds, Marshall continues his story, including his time as founding president of Rolling Stones Records up to the role he played in the early days of hip-hop.

EP77: Marshall Chess, Record Producer (Part 1 of 2)

Marshall Chess is one of the last great record men and is an American icon. In Part One of this special two-part episode of Great Minds, Marshall tells his story learning at the feet of his Father Leonard and Uncle Phil who built Chicago’s legendary Chess Records from the ground up. Along that journey, Marshall shares incredible stories about Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Chuck Berry and many more.

EP70: Joe Jackman on reinvention

Joe Jackman is the CEO of Jackman Reinvents, the world’s first and foremost reinvention company. An advisor to consumer brands, retailers, B2B companies, and private equity partners for more than thirty years, Jackman has proven invaluable to leaders intent on sharpening strategy and orchestrating insight-led reinventions of their businesses.

EP68: Claudine Revere on a life in food

Claudine Revere’s love of hospitality stems from a childhood of enjoying family meals around the kitchen table filled with great food and lots of love. After managing several high profile restaurants and catering companies in New York City, Revere started Relish in October of 2001. Claudine’s vision for Relish was to create a catering and event planning company that worked with clients to create innovative events across a vast culinary landscape.

EP66: Lauren Sallata On Panasonic and Michael Phelps

Lauren Sallata is Chief Marketing Officer at Panasonic Corporation of North America. She leads the company’s presence at CES, using the show as a launchpad for the global brand platform as well as the company’s most recent What Moves Us campaign – which celebrates the power of purpose and passion shared by 270,000 Panasonic employees and celebrated Olympic and Paralympic athletes. 

EP63: Jules Lund on Micro-Influencers and A Career In Entertainment

After 15 years of hosting some of the biggest TV and Radio shows in Australia, Jules took the audacious step of founding his own tech company, TRIBE. Launched in Nov 2014, TRIBE is a digital marketplace that connects social media influencers with leading brands to transform word of mouth recommendations. 

EP61: Larry Charles On Brooklyn, Larry David, Seinfeld and Sacha Baron Cohen

Larry Charles is one of the seminal figures in modern comedy. Brooklyn-born, he started as a writer on the legendary sketch comedy show Fridays and moved from staff writer on Arsenio Hall to a central role on Seinfeld for its first five seasons, contributing some of the show’s darkest and most absurd storylines. He is also the longtime collaborator of Sacha Baron Cohen, having directed Bruno, Borat and The Dictator. His latest show is Larry Charles’ Dangerous World Of Comedy is breaking new ground, a hallmark of Larry’s incredible career.

EP60: Horace Panter on the Rise, Fall and Rise of The Specials

Horace Panter, aka Sir Horace Gentleman, co-founded The Specials with Jerry Dammers in 1977 in Coventry, England. For four years The Specials rose and ultimately flamed out, mirroring one of their iconic songs, “Too Much Too Young.” After a 29-year gap, the band reunited and is still going strong today. Horace traces the journey, which also included stints with General Public and Special Beat, and talks about his work in art both as a teacher and an artist.