EP4: Sir Martin Sorrell

Sir Martin Sorrell was CEO of WPP for 33 years, building it from a £1 million “shell” company in 1985 into the world’s largest advertising and marketing services company. When Sir Martin left in April 2018, WPP had a market capitalization of over £16 billion, revenues of over £15 billion, profits of approximately £2 billion and over 200,000 people in 113 countries. Now Sir Martin Sorrell is Executive Chairman of S4 Capital, which is building a new age, new era, digital advertising and marketing services platform for global, multi-national, regional, local and millennially-driven clients. 

EP3: Ndaba Mandela

Ndaba Mandela is Nelson Mandela’s Grandson. He is passionate about the Mandela legacy and motivating young people to get involved in community development. He is passionate about Africa, its people and is concerned about its future. Although the continent faces many problems, there are many positive things that the global community does not know about Africa and Mandela wants to capture these and share them with the world.

EP1: Claudia Romo Edelman

In 1985, on the 19 September at seventeen minutes past seven Mexico City was struck by an earthquake of 8.0 magnitude. In just one minute – 100,000 houses crumbled, 5,000 people died and roughly five million residents were left without electricity or water. People took to the streets, helping those injured – but the residents, including Claudia Romo Edelman was overwhelmed by the scale of the damage. What Claudia learnt from the tragedy, would impact her for the rest of her life and shape her career.