EP238: Tanya Woods, Chief Impact Officer & Head of Partnerships, Project In-Kind

Tanya Woods is a dynamic, future-forward leader with entrepreneurial edge and successful track record advancing government and industry partnerships to deliver strategic results at scale. Sought out to provide executive-level strategic legal and policy counsel, visionary foresight, navigation on complex legal and systemic challenges, and to deliver success with triple bottom line benefits. Especially skilled at systems thinking, translating complex business, legal and economic risks into simple language, and executing fast-paced, high-impact projects that achieve desired outcomes for all sizes of companies and organizations. Passionate about advising on and implementing projects and technologies that will make a positive and innovative impact in the world.

Launched at the World Economic Forum in 2020, Project In-Kind is an inclusive global philanthropic and social impact movement leveraging in-kind giving, technology and partnerships to help communities and meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This is the world’s first-ever tech-supported global in-kind giving movement to enable and measure 1 billion in-kind donations from businesses, government, and citizens by 2030 and help non-profits and charities use contributions of skills, services and goods to help their communities.