EP287: Jonathan Gudai, Co-founder and CEO, Adomni

Jonathan Gudai is the co-founder and CEO of Adomni.com – a leading platform for digital advertising on screens in the real world. He is passionate about driving innovation to deliver performance marketing results through technology and enhanced creative content on-screen. He sees a world where social media advertising, video advertising and digital out of home advertising converge for performance and brand marketers.

Jonathan serves on the board of directors of the DPAA (Digital Place Based Advertising Association) and the Innovation Committee of the OAAA (Outdoor Advertising Association).

He also is the creator of Shoutable, a platform that brings together social media and digital out of home.

He has written numerous articles for national and industry publications, educating the world on the power of programmatic digital out of home advertising and the future of the industry.

Prior to Adomni, Jonathan spent most of his career in the eCommerce and Adtech sectors – with 20+ years in web and mobile software development.