EP96: Ed Asner, Film and Television Actor

Legendary film and television actor Ed Asner joins Great Minds to discuss his phenomenal career. From his early days working in film with the likes of Elvis Presley and John Wayne, to his two award-winning television shows, Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant, and on to present day in beloved films such as Elf and Pixar’s Up.

EP95: Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Petco

As Chief Marketing Officer, Tariq is responsible for leading Petco’s enterprise marketing strategy. His mission is to provide pet parents with a seamless pet care experience, so they can focus on the joy their pets bring to their lives. On this episode of Great Minds, Tariq explores his 20+ years of experience in global brand strategy, including his time at Element79, HP, Gatorade, Quaker Oats, and much more. Enjoy!

EP94: David Fishof, Founder and CEO, Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp

From sports agent to live music producer, David Fishof has seemingly done it all, and with some extraordinary names. The Monkees, Phil Simms, Roger Daltry of The Who, and many more, David has worked with all of them. These days, David spends his time running Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp, where people from all walks of life share the stage with the legends of rock music.

EP81: David Fischer, Chief Revenue Officer, Facebook

David Fischer, Chief Revenue Officer at Facebook, is a long-time friend of Advertising Week. In this episode of Great Minds, David reflects on his time working at the U.S. Treasury Department, his tenure at both Google and Facebook, his work as Board Chair at the Ad Council, as well as looking ahead to what’s next.

EP79: Karen Kaplan, Chairman & CEO at Hill Holliday

From her time as a receptionist at Hill Holliday to her current position as Chairman and CEO, Karen Kaplan discusses the challenges, rewards, and successes she’s seen throughout her tenure there, including Hill Holliday’s recent initiatives to promote equality in the workplace and her favorite campaigns.

EP78: Marshall Chess, Record Producer (Part 2 of 2)

Marshall Chess is one of the last great record men and is an American icon. In Part Two of this special two-part episode of Great Minds, Marshall continues his story, including his time as founding president of Rolling Stones Records up to the role he played in the early days of hip-hop.

EP77: Marshall Chess, Record Producer (Part 1 of 2)

Marshall Chess is one of the last great record men and is an American icon. In Part One of this special two-part episode of Great Minds, Marshall tells his story learning at the feet of his Father Leonard and Uncle Phil who built Chicago’s legendary Chess Records from the ground up. Along that journey, Marshall shares incredible stories about Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Chuck Berry and many more.