EP117: Michelle Bandler, Managing Director of Tech B2B, Google

Part 1 of our 4-part Great Minds podcast mini-series with Google kicks off with this interview with Michelle Bandler, Managing Director of Tech B2B at Google. In this special episode, Michelle takes us through her career from the very beginning to the present day and her 15+ years at Google.

EP113: Bradley Rubin, Owner, Eleven City Diner

Combining his passion for Jewish Delicatessens and mid-20th century family-style diners, Bradley Rubin created Eleven City Diner in both Chicago and Los Angeles. Deli Week on Great Minds concludes as Bradley discusses his life, his inspiration, his successes, and the challenges that have come along the way.

EP112: Deli Boys

We’re kicking off the 1st Annual Great Minds Deli Week with special guests Evan Susser and David Phillips, hosts of the popular Deli Boys podcast. For the uninitiated, the Deli Boys podcast sets out to do something never been done before in the podcast world: rank 14 Jewish delis with some incredibly funny guests along for the ride.

EP111: Thembi Tambo, High Commissioner of South Africa to the United Kingdom

This week on Great Minds, we’re thrilled to welcome Nomatemba “Thembi” Tambo, High Commissioner of South Africa to the United Kingdom and daughter of legendary anti-apartheid politician Oliver Reginald Tambo. Thembi has previously served as the South African ambassador in Rome, and is the head of the Tambo Foundation.

EP110: Stephen “Cat” Coore, Musician

When Stephen “Cat” turned twelve he fell in love with Ska and Pop music, and later Rocksteady and Reggae. He loved the Beatles and asked his mom for a guitar and she obliged and this started a love like no other. Cat joins Great Minds to discuss both his incredible music career, as well as the other legends of music he’s played with along the way.

EP108: David Zucker, Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter

Airplane! is widely regarded as the greatest American comedy film of all time, followed closely by The Naked Gun series. Today’s guest on Great Minds is David Zucker, one of the great minds behind these films, as well as Top Secret!, BASEketball, several of the Scary Movie films, and many more.

EP107: Stacey Feder, Chief Marketing Officer, Hudson Yards

As Chief Marketing Officer for Hudson Yards—the largest private real estate development in United States history—Stacey Feder oversees all aspects of the brand, as well as sponsorship sales, revenue-generating events and fulfillment strategies for office, residential, retail and public spaces. Stacey has a long track record of shepherding assets from initial concept to dynamic destination, demonstrating a talent for creating community where none existed by drawing businesses and consumers to new gathering destinations. In her previous role as Vice President of Marketing at Manhattan’s Time Warner Center, Stacey played an integral role in the global positioning of the innovative, 2.8 million square foot, mixed-use property, which soon after opening became one of the most-visited places and most-referenced landmarks in a city full of both.

EP105: Monique Nelson, Chair and CEO, UWG

Monique L. Nelson is chair and chief executive officer of UWG, the country’s longest-standing multicultural marketing agency. She took the helm of the agency in May 2012, when founder and advertising pioneer Byron Lewis retired. Monique shares the experiences and learnings of her incredible career on this stand-out episode of Great Minds.

EP103: Linda Yaccarino and Lynnwood Bibbens

In this episode of Great Minds, Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising Sales and Client Partnerships at NBCUniversal, and Lynnwood Bibbens is CEO & Founder of ReachTV, discuss their respective career paths in the industry, as well as the new, expanded content and monetization partnership between NBCU and ReachTV.

EP101: George Shea, Co-Founder, Major League Eating

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to talk with one of America’s Great Sports Minds, George Shea, co-founder of Major League Eating and MC of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, held every Independence Day at the corner of Surf & Stillwell in Coney Island? In this one-hour exclusive interview, Shea gives us an inside-look at the past, present, and future of Major League Eating and it’s legendary contestants, from Kobayashi to Chestnut.

EP100: Jerome Benton, Musician

In this episode of Great Minds we’re not only celebrating our 100th episode, we’re celebrating the 35th anniversary of Prince’s cult classic film Under the Cherry Moon by speaking with Jerome Benton. As a member of The Time, Jerome shares numerous stories of his experiences working with Morris Day, Prince, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and a host of other legendary musicians from Minneapolis and beyond.

EP99: Rob Prazmark, Founder and CEO, 21 Marketing

Rob Prazmark, Founder and CEO of 21 Marketing, is America’s foremost sponsorship marketing expert having generated more than $3.5 billion. From the Olympic Games to Jerry Jones and Texas Stadium to the Smithsonian’s 150th anniversary, and the upcoming America 250 celebration, Rob has done it all.

EP98: Andrew Loog Oldham, Talent Manager, Record Producer, and Author

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside Brian Epstein, self-proclaimed hustler Andrew Loog Oldham made his mark in music history as manager of The Rolling Stones while still in his teens. Credited with helping to shape The Stones into one of the greatest acts in music history, Oldham discusses his career on this episode of Great Minds.

EP96: Ed Asner, Film and Television Actor

Legendary film and television actor Ed Asner joins Great Minds to discuss his phenomenal career. From his early days working in film with the likes of Elvis Presley and John Wayne, to his two award-winning television shows, Mary Tyler Moore and Lou Grant, and on to present day in beloved films such as Elf and Pixar’s Up.

EP95: Tariq Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Petco

As Chief Marketing Officer, Tariq is responsible for leading Petco’s enterprise marketing strategy. His mission is to provide pet parents with a seamless pet care experience, so they can focus on the joy their pets bring to their lives. On this episode of Great Minds, Tariq explores his 20+ years of experience in global brand strategy, including his time at Element79, HP, Gatorade, Quaker Oats, and much more. Enjoy!

EP94: David Fishof, Founder and CEO, Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp

From sports agent to live music producer, David Fishof has seemingly done it all, and with some extraordinary names. The Monkees, Phil Simms, Roger Daltry of The Who, and many more, David has worked with all of them. These days, David spends his time running Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp, where people from all walks of life share the stage with the legends of rock music.